Harrold "Harry" Mason
A regular guy in his mid 30s and main character of this story.
He came to Silent Hill to spend his long-awaited vacation, and finds himself involved in this case, the result of an unforeseen accident.
Cheryl Mason
The only daughter of Harry, just turned 7. She is his only family member, since Harry lost his wife.
Cybil Benett
A police officer in Brahms, a neighbor town of Silent Hill.
She came to Silent Hill to investigate since Brahms had lost communication with Silent Hill.
She is the first person Harry meets.
Lisa Garland
A nurse working for a Silent Hill hospital.
How she meets Harry is not yet known.
Dahlia Gillespie
A mysterious lady whom Harry will later meet at church.
She appears where Harry goes and disappears leaving him baffled with mysterious words.
Michael Kaufmann
A doctor working for the Alchemilla Hospital.
His poised manner and presence are charismatic.
He is also struggling to leave this town.
There is very little information about her.
However, it seems that she is fundamental to this story...


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