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Silent Hill


Whatever you do, don't go into this town! Unfortunately for Harry Mason, that advice is too late. After a near fatal car crash on the edge of town, his daughter Cheryl has disappeared into the night. Waking from a disturbing crash-induced nightmare, Harry finds the town almost deserted and a young motorcycle cop, Cybil, watching over him. Cybil is here to find out what happened to the towns' folk. But is she a friend or something much worse? Is anything what it seems in this town?

So begins the mystery of Silent Hill. Immersing players in a haunting world of demons and dark, demonic imagery, Silent Hill will set pulses racing. Prepare to be shocked.


  • Action and puzzle solving elements combined. Players will have both their trigger fingers and minds stimulated.
  • Fully real-time rendered environment. Allowing for dynamic camera changes, which creates a perfectly pitched sense of disorientation.
  • Mature, gothic horror story line involving demons, dark imagery and alternate universes.
  • Incredible graphics and sound effects. The in game movies used to advance plot lines are amongst the best this industry has ever produced.
  • Full, English dialogue recorded here in America.

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