Silent Hill



The resort town of Silent Hill slips into quiet desolation, now that the peak of development and growth has passed by. The memories of a tragic fire 7 years ago still haunt the townsfolk, and with the tourist season long past, there is hardly a shadow stirring.

Harry Mason prefers to take late vacations with his daughter Cheryl. This year theyƕve made plans to visit Silent Hill. Due to car trouble, they reach the outskirts of the town late at night. Cheryl is sleeping in the back seat as a motorcycle cop roars past his truck.

Moments later Harry spots the motorcycle dumped on the shoulder. There is no one to be seen. It paints an ominous picture. Suddenly, a shadow appears in front of the car.

Harry turns the wheel in panic. The car slides off the edge of the road and into a gully.

Harry eventually regains consciousness. Cheryl is nowhere to be seen. It is unusually cold. Snow is falling out of season. Where has Cheryl disappeared to?

Harry walks toward a town he sees in the distance.

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