Darkness, noise, blood, rust, solitude...The 3rd installment of the horror
franchise. Silent Hill has gained worldwide respect due to its peculiar
world view and its psychological terror.
This is a story of a girl that is snathced from normal life and thrown
into a nightmarish world...

[The real world and the alternate world]

A key feature of the world of Silent Hill, is "the real world" and "the alternate world".

"The real world" is close to the reality where we reside, and there is
"the alternate world" which is filthy with blood, rust, corpses, and foul
odors. The "alternate world" seems to be the embodiment of nightmares.
Though they are located in the same place, Heather will go back and forth
between the two different worlds.

[Noise Effect]

In Silent Hill, there is an effect called the noise effect. In other
words, you can say that it is a realization of so-called "film noise".
The left screen is with the noise effect applied and the right screen is
without it.

If you take a look at a still picture, the one without the noise effect
looks prettier on the surface. However, to strengthen Silent Hill which
has its theme on "fear", we wish to take away "clean look" which typically
happens with video game CGs.

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