Silent Hill


SilentHill Harry

Harry Mason

Age 32

Losing his wife to disease has left a shadow over his soul. His daughter is the only bright spot left in his life. He goes to Silent Hill to go on vacation with his daughter, to be mired in bizarre events. That was the beginning of this tale, or was it predetermined somehow? That's a truth that Harry has yet to discover.

Cheryl Mason

Age 7
Harry's daughter

She lost her mother at a young age and lives with her father. A gentle, normal child, she goes on vacation with her father to Silent Hill. However, an unimaginable event is waiting to unfold.

Cybil Bennet

Age 22
Police officer

She is an officer that patrols near Silent Hill. A sudden call causes her to investigate Silent Hill. She is faithful to her duties and investigates Silent Hill on her own.


Harry runs across this mysterious girl several times. Who or what is she?

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