The main character, Harry goes into mysterious Silent Hill to search for his only daughter Cheryl and bumps into bizarre creatures. These chimerical creatures will furiously yet slowly attack Harry as soon as they see him.
Harry, who is a common citizen with no special training, has only finished regular military service at best. He is not accustomed to fighting for his life.
All he can do is to brandish whatever he can grab, such as a knife, which he finds in a kitchen, or an iron pipe found on the side of the road.
But the best way might be to cautiously proceed so that no one finds him or, if found, to run for his life.
After all, he is only a human and untrained to fight. His goal is not to defeat the monsters, but rather to find and save his daughter as soon as possible from this dangerous town in which creepy creatures are hanging around.
By fighting only when absolutely necessary might he survive.


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